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ProLash Kits

Beginners to Intermediate 

  • There are 3 beginner/intermediate lash kits to choose from.
  • All ProLash kits have enough product to start a new lash business from scratch, all kits include the same products in various amounts to offer 3 entry price points.
  • NO hidden expenses! Sometimes you may think you have found a 'cheaper' kit elsewhere however you may not realize until after you have invested in the training that infact there are many more products or lash sizes you will need to purchase before being able to offer a quality full lash service.
  • Only quality tested premium grade products included.
  • For information on Lash Training please click on link for details of course. It is essential you attend a group workshop or one on one training session with a qualified ProLash Trainer to ensure you are taught the skills to practise safe lash application. 

Kit 1: Beginners Starter Package $1299

Will suit a beginner on a budget, student or adult returning to the workforce. Includes all equipment necessary with a detailed manual and instrutional DVD. This kit has 5 lash lengths in one thickness, each pot contains 1 gram, these will usually B Curl Lashes in 0.20 (medium) thickness unless requested otherwise. ProLash encourages atleast 2 thicknesses to be used however it's not mandatory. With this kit you will still be able to offer a varied lash service and can always add more lashes to your collection later if you see the need once your business is up and running. 

Kit 2: Beginners Salon Package  $1595  Recommended

Medium entry point, highly recommended for someone serious about starting a lash business or a salon. Includes all equipment necessary with a detailed manual and instrutional DVD. Offering 10 lash pots in 2 thicknesses and 5 lenghts, each pot contains 1 gram, usually B Curl Lashes in 0.20 (medium) and 0.25 (thick) thicknesses unless requested otherwise. Purchasing this kit will allow you to learn a wider variety of styling techniques from day 1! 

Kit 3: Beginners Pro Package  $1990

Great for a busy salon or someone wishing to offer an exceptional style selection. Includes all equipment necessary with a detailed manual and instrutional DVD. This kit has a bulk amount of product and includes 15 lash pots in 5 lengths and 3 thicknesses, each contains 1 gram, usually B Curl Lashes in 0.15 (thin), 0.20 (medium) and 0.25 (thick) unless otherwise requested. Eyelash extensions is an individual service, you will be required to design a different look for each client, if you are in a busy lash salon you will more likely have different challenges thrown at you from time to time, with this kit you will be able to cater to absolutely anyone!

Already do lashes?

ProLash Conversion Kit $495

The ProLash Conversion Kit is designed for experienced Lash Stylists wishing to change brands. It contains only consumable products such as adhesive, gel remover, lash primer, 5 lash pots etc removing the need to double up on equipment you already have.